Amazon's Kindle customer service

Image by NotFromUtrecht

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Two weeks ago, I lost my Kindle. I had it at my brother's place, but then I didn't have it on the tube. No clue of what could have happened in the middle.

I was already thinking of buying a new one, when I got a call on my phone. It was an Amazon customer services rep. They had my Kindle. Somebody had returned it to them.

Oh, and they were shipping it back to me for free. It's back with me now.

Another related story. This is actually my second Kindle. The first one had a problem, half the screen was dead. I called Amazon at 6pm, and I got a replacement by 10am the next morning. For free again. They also arranged for a courier to collect the broken one any time that suited me.

Honestly, it makes me feel a bit bad that I have only bought one Kindle book from them since I first purchased the device. The rest have been books I downloaded from Project Gutenberg and such.

It's just that I hate DRM. Please publishers, sell more DRM-free books :-(

Everyone else: buy the Amazon Kindle. It's an awesome device.