I don't own a smartphone

Update: I finally gave in and got a smartphone in .

I don’t own a smartphone. Not even a sort-of-smart phone. Instead I use a dumbphone, a Nokia 1100 to be precise, that I have been using for over a year now.

It’s 2012, I am a tech-savvy person who builds web applications for a living: why would I want to use a dumbphone? I have the following reasons not to want a smartphone:

Of course this is a tradeoff. Smartphones are a great technology, and mobile apps can be really useful. But honestly, I really don’t see a need for them in my life. Incidentally, I find this makes me more organised: I check maps, timetables, and any other information in advance. I arrive in places knowing what to do, because I have done my homework. I am not so dependent on technology as users of smartphones seem to be, so often checking their maps, social network statuses (this one really irks me), calendars and God knows what.

I don’t need any of that. I want a simple phone. Mine gives me this:

Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that I won’t end up owning a smartphone one day, although I am not in a rush. For now, I would like to wait until I see a reasonably-priced, small terminal with battery life of at least 3 days.